By The Next Pause By G. Barton-Sinkia

By The Next Pause By G. Barton-Sinkia

g. barton

This title will be released on June 20, 2018. 

At seventeen, Pam Allen escapes Jamaica, leaving her infant daughter Simone behind. Years later, after the death of her aunt, Pam is forced to take in the daughter she never wanted.

They live in a run-down apartment complex in North York next to Mike O’Shea – a racist, loudmouth high school dropout who has recently separated from his wife and finds himself raising his eight-year-old son, Nolan, alone.

The two parents try to coexist in a world where they are drowning as single parents until they reluctantly join forces to raise their young children together. When a life-altering mistake forces their children on diverging, tumultuous paths, the make-shift family struggles to find their way back to each other before their whole world crumbles for good.

My Thoughts:

I just want to say please do not be put of by the size of this book it is a big book but the story that unfolds in between these pages are utterly riveting. I couldn’t believe that this is a debut novel as the writing is very descriptive and very well thought out. I loved getting involved in Simone’s life from when she is young to her adult life, it makes for a emotional read. I think what I learnt from this book is that you have to follow your dreams, don’t hold back on what would bring you happiness as you never know what is around the corner. I liked the twist at the end. I didn’t want this book to end but I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Simone’s life. I want to read more of this author.

Thank you to G.Barton-Sinkia for sending me this book.

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