Nineteen Letters By Jodi Perry

Nineteen Letters By Jodi Perry


The 19th of January, 1996 . . . I’ll never forget it. It was the day we met. I was seven and she was six. It was the day she moved in next door, and the same day I developed my first crush on a girl.

Then tragedy struck. Nineteen days after our wedding day, Jemma was in an accident that would change our lives forever. When she woke from her coma, she had no memory of me, of us, of the love we shared.

That’s when I started writing her letters. The stories of our life. Of when we met. About the happier times, and everything we’d experienced together.

What we had was far too beautiful to be forgotten.

My Thoughts:

Wow what a breath taking book, the story is a believable one, Jemma is involved in a accident and when she awakes from a coma she cannot remember who anyone is especially who her husband is. It takes them time and Braz helps her to see what kind of life they had by writing her letters of poignant times in their lives. It was an emotional read but he was a brilliant husband to her and stood by her through thick and thin. Brax reminded me of my husband as he has been there for me when I have been going through major health issues and I am very grateful for that. A lovely story that shows support and how when life is tough it is good to have your best friend by your side.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

kindle edition:


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