Perfect Death (A DI Callanach Thriller, Book 3) By Helen Fields

Perfect Death (A DI Callanach Thriller, Book 3) By Helen Fields

helen fields

There’s no easy way to die…

Unknown to DI Luc Callanach and the newly promoted DCI Ava Turner, a serial killer has Edinburgh firmly in his grip. The killer is taking his victims in the coldest, most calculating way possible – engineering slow and painful deaths by poison, with his victims entirely unaware of the drugs flooding their bloodstream until it’s too late.

But how do you catch a killer who hides in the shadows? A killer whose pleasure comes from watching pain from afar? Faced with their most difficult case yet, Callanach and Turner soon realise they face a seemingly impossible task…

My Thoughts:

This is a big book and it took me longer to read than I expected, however I did enjoy it. It was intense with lots of powerful characters. This is book 3 in the DI Callanach Thriller, though I have not read the previous books I had a sense of what had happened with the characters in the past. An intense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

I received a advanced copy of this book along with Luc’s favourite tipple which was a lovely red wine and also a horseshoe charm.

Get your copy here:

kindle edition


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