Orphan X By Gregg Hurwitz

Orphan X By Gregg Hurwitz

orphan x

‘Do you need my help?’
It was the first question he asked.
They called him when they had nowhere else to turn.

As a boy Evan Smoak was taken from an orphanage.
Raised and trained in a top secret programme, he was sent to bad places to do things the government denied ever happened.

Then he broke with the programme, using what he’d learned to vanish. Now he helps the desperate and deserving.

But someone’s on his trail.

Someone who knows his past and believes that the boy once known as Orphan X must die . . .

My Thoughts:

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. It is fast paced and gripping. I found it a really unusual storyline I think that is why I was drawn into reading it, there is quite a bit of information about different types of guns which didn’t really interest me but on the whole I did enjoy it. I look forward to reading more from Gregg Hurwitz.

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