Visions of the Heart By Julia Sutton

Visions of the Heart By Julia Sutton

julia sutton

The first year at Chattlesbury University is coming to an end. Five students have become friends, and their lives are progressing both academically and personally.

Forced to mature too soon, can Will’s life ever be the same again?
Crippled by personal loss, can Evelyn overcome her grief?
Secrets and revelations threaten to destroy the world that Sophie knows.
Can Juliette’s growing love for one man overcome opposition from those around them?
Ann is striving for the one thing that will fulfill her personally.

Life and dreams collide in Visions of the Heart, as five characters encounter new challenges. It is an uplifting story of optimism, love, loss and the tenacity of human spirit.

My Thoughts:

This is book 2 in the the School of Dreams series and I would recommend reading the first book so you can get to know all the characters. I found all the characters realistic and like real people. There is romance and intrigue, I wanted to know what would happen with the characters, luckily there is going to be a book 3 which I am really looking forward too.

I won this book in a competition.

Get your copy here:

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