It’s Just Better … in a Bowl! By Debra Abeling

It’s Just Better … in a Bowl! By Debra Abeling


Cooking real food has many health benefits for you and your family, and it’s just better eaten out of a bowl. This book will teach you what real food is, why use a bowl, and how to stock a healthy pantry and kitchen.

You will also learn healthy substitutions, ingredients for building a healthy bowl, along with meal prepping ideas.

There are many recipes using simple real ingredients to make breakfast, soup and stew, salad, dinner, and dessert bowls. It’s just better cooking real food that is served in a bowl.

My Thoughts:

This is the first time I have been asked to review a cookbook. I love to cook and really think that reviewing cookbooks is the way forward as I don’t think they get enough reviews but that is just me personally.

I think this cookbook is brilliant for people that are just learning to cook, students or people that want to become healthier. There are some great tips in the book about why a bowl is better and I did have to agree with them, like it helps with portion control. Even though it is an american cookbook you can still get most of the ingredients in the UK. There are a few different recipes going from making a salad, to cooking meat to puddings. I am definitely going to try making some of the puddings. The only thing I would say about this book is that I would prefer to have more pictures of the end product so that you can see what you are working towards as that always helps. I think it would also benefit people who aren’t use to cooking too.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

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About the Author:

Debra Abeling has an extensive background in the culinary and nutrition world. She is the author of several cookbooks, has owned and operated a catering business, completed a chef’s training program from Westlake Culinary Institute, and worked as a personal and corporate chef. Debra completed a year-long Health Coach program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a two year- long life coaching program with Cloud- Townsend Resources. She has a passion for cooking, creating good simple dishes made with real food and a desire to pass these on to others. Debra lives in Fontana, California with her husband Michael and her three daughters.


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