The Nearest Far away Place By Hayley Long

The Nearest Far away Place By Hayley Long

hayley long

A powerfully told story of the love between two brothers in the aftermath of a family tragedy

Griff and Dylan are driving into Manhattan with their parents when the worst happens. There is a terrible car accident and Dylan and Griff¹s parents are killed.

The boys are suddenly orphans with nowhere to go, until a kind aunt and uncle give them a new home in Wales. Now Dylan and Griff have everything they need ­ love, a happy home and a future. But Dylan is worried about Griff: whether he is OK, whether he is coping with his grief. He doesn¹t seem to want to speak about it or really acknowledge the loss of their parents.

But Dylan needs to be even braver than Griff, because there is something very important he needs to face up to before he can move on.

My Thoughts:

This a story about two brothers called Griff and Dylan and how their world is turned upside down when a horrific tragedy occurs. It shows how they deal with the situation and how they pull together and look after each other. I found it a little different from the books I normally read but I still enjoyed it. I did have a few tears though. It is a fairly quick read. For a YA read it is one that will stay with me.

I was given a advanced reading copy of this book for an honest review.

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