Breaking Norms By Mita Balani

Breaking Norms By Mita Balani


What if you fall in love and your family thinks you are crazy? Sonia too gets in a similar situation.

Sonia, a submissive and people-pleasing girl falls in love with the chirpy girl Esha. Their common passion for painting brings them closer. Sonia realizes that no one in her family will accept her relationship with Esha.

But her heart and emotional state are beyond the control of her own mind. At first, they keep their relationship on the hush. Unfortunately, their secret comes out in an ugly way and havoc breaks loose.

Will Sonia stand up for herself and withstand the pressure of not following the cultural norms? Are they destined to meet? Can Sonia and Esha live happily ever after?

My Thoughts:

I was given a advanced copy of this book to read and review and was asked to give an honest review. The cover looks so pretty and inviting. I found this a interesting read about a lesbian love affair in India. I felt like I was taken on a journey through out the book and I especially loved the food talk. The author’s message is a bold one but done sensitively as she says you all deserve a chance and embrace it. I look forward to more from Mita Balani.

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