The Punch and Judy Girl By Sheila Newberry

The Punch and Judy Girl By Sheila Newberry


This title will be released on May 4, 2017.

Suffolk, 1925.

After the death of her father, a much-loved Punch and Judy man, May Moon packs her bags and moves to the seaside in the hope of continuing his legacy.

Already tasked with looking after her younger sister, May little imagines her summer will grow tougher still. Her long absent mother has finally returned – and with an agenda all of her own.

But as May struggles to balance her family’s competing demands – and honour her father’s legacy – she’s surprised to discover her passion for performing grows ever stronger.

As the world around her begins to change, might she finally be able to find a dream of her own?

My Thoughts:

After reading some of Sheila’s previous novels I was keen to get stuck into this one. I liked this story but not as much as Sheila’s other stories. It was interesting to see what the 1925’s were like and to see what May would decide she would do with her life. It is a warm hearted read.

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