Rules: Things are Changing at the Little School by the Sea By Jane Beaton and Jenny Colgan

Rules: Things are Changing at the Little School by the Sea By Jane Beaton and Jenny Colgan


For the first time, the girls caught sight of the turreted, castle-like building that would be home for the next nine months, the four towers of the main houses nestled in the hills, with the cliffs behind, leading down to the still turquoise sea.

Maggie loves teaching English at beautiful Downey House but she is less keen on planning her wedding to dependable Stan. Instead, she’s working on ignoring her crush on David McDonald, who teaches English at the local boys’ school.

Just as Simone and Fliss have become friends, Zelda arrives to upset everything. Zelda is loudly, glamorously American, and she’s full of ways to improve life at boring school. Soon, quiet, mousy Simone is undergoing a makeover. And Fliss is about to jeopardise everything to impress a boy.

In a new year at school, the girls of Downey House will be breaking all the rules – and not all of them will escape unscathed.

My Thoughts:

This is the second book in the series and I am absolutely looking forward to the next one. We catch up with Maggie the English teacher and the girls Simone, Fliss and Alice, this series we get to meet new girl Zelda and find out her story.  There is a more serious issue that runs through this book but how it has been written is very sensible and sensitive. I think it has been written really well.

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