The Gingerbread Girl By Sheila Newberry

The Gingerbread Girl By Sheila Newberry



London, 1936

Ill and stuck in hospital at Christmas, seven year old Cora Kelly is excited to receive a visit from her mother, who brings her the gift of a gingerbread man. But little does Cora know that this will be the last time she sees her . . .

As Cora continues her recovery on a farm in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, tragedy strikes her family and she moves back to London with her new guardian, Eliza.

Here they live a happy, if simple, life. But, as the Second World War approaches, and the past comes knocking, everything changes.

Will Cora be able to escape the inevitable, or is she destined to repeat her parents’ mistakes?

My Thoughts:

This is a story about Cora and her family in London in 1936. The detail about this era is fascinating and very well descriptive. Poor little Cora after being in hospital for months what she did not realise is that when her mother came to visit her it would be for the very last time. To help with her recovery she goes to stay at a farm in Norfolk but when tragedy strikes her family she has to move back to London. I have read Sheila’s previous novels and enjoyed them and this one was very good too. A heart warming tale.

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