Ninety Steps to Summerhill By Emily Harvale

Ninety Steps to Summerhill By Emily Harvale


Sophie Summerhill believes in Fate and she’s in Goldebury Bay for only one reason: to find the fabled, long-lost, Summerhill treasure. When she finds it, she’s going to sell it and head for a life of luxury in the Caribbean. But first, she has to solve the mystery of an ancient feud between local families: the Beaumonts, the Suttons and the Pollards and to do that, she will need some help.

What she doesn’t need is good-looking journalist, Timothy Richards asking questions. Or a man who’s just lost everything – the darkly handsome, Thaddeus Beaumont, taking on the role of  ‘knight in shining armour’. In fact, Sophie must try to avoid Thaddeus. He might find out what she’s trying to keep hidden from everyone in Goldebury Bay, and particularly from him.

My Thoughts:

I just want to say a big thank you to Emily who sent me this book and signed it for me too. I love the cover and I thought the blurb on the back done like a postcard is such a fantastic idea. I thought it looked brilliant. This is book two in the Goldebury Bay Series and I will be reading the first book very soon. You will love this book if your a fan of the romantic novels, Emily doesn’t leave anything out, this book has humour, friendship, falling in love with lots of fun. I was lost in this book as I really wanted to find out if Sophie would find the treasure in the end. I loved the story, they are some very amusing parts in it.  And I liked all the characters, I think Sophie is very lucky to a hot guy in Thaddeus in her life. I look forward to reading the first book in this series and I certainly look forward to the next book. This is a book you will not want to put down.


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