Chatty Cat: Spring into Summer: Volume 2 By Suzan Collins

Chatty Cat: Spring into Summer: Volume 2 By Suzan Collins

The second in the Chatty Cat series follows Chatty through spring and summer in her new home as she gradually learns to relax and enjoy her surroundings. “The sun has warmed up the ground and now the sun is shining on my tummy and making it nice and warm. It’s all quiet in the garden and I fall asleep. I am dreaming…” Life still holds a few surprises for Chatty, with new friends and new experiences.

Chatty Cat is a real rescue cat in a real home and her adventures provide a useful guide to caring for your pet. It’s not just a manual – but it will help you look after your cat. It’s not just a story – but you can read it like one. It’s not just a children’s book – but children of all ages will love it, and so will adults. The author has a real knack for getting into Chatty Cat’s head and explaining her behaviour in ways that everyone can recognise.

My Thoughts:

Having a cat myself, I was really keen to read this book, it is an absolute delight for all ages. There is some really useful information in this book, It would be a good starter book if your thinking about getting a cat or like me just want to know more about cats. Even though this is the second book I am definitely going to read the first book too. The sketches and photographs are brilliant. Happy Reading!

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