S.C.A.R.S By Julia Ibbotson

S.C.A.R.S By Julia Ibbotson

Gavin is an ordinary boy with problems like everyone else, when he finds himself in an extraordinary situation and facing the fight of his life. People are calling him Gawain and sending him on a medieval quest. How has he found himself on a horse when he has never ridden one before? How come he has a sword in his hand and terrifying creatures bearing down upon him? He seems to have slipped through into another universe. But can he win the battle of Good against Evil, and can he save the land of Unor ̶ and more importantly, can he save himself?

My Thoughts:

Even though this is a fantasy story for children in their early teens, I really found myself drawn to the story. I loved the fact that Julia had written this book when she was a child and it had been in a desk drawer for 40 years. I am so glad she found it as it is a brilliant book. It is about two boys who in the night slip into a world of knights and medieval heroes, where they try to defeat the evil enemy and then during the day they are just ordinary boys. I love the fact the book is about friendship, when the world around you is full of evil. Brilliant story. Loved it from the start.

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