Goodbye, Jimmy Choo By Annie Sanders

Goodbye, Jimmy Choo By Annie Sanders

Under normal circumstances, Izzie and Maddy would never have met. Their lives are a million miles apart – Izzie is bohemian and skint, Maddy is Gucci-clad and loaded. But, thanks to their respective husbands’ careers, both have been dumped into the English countryside, fish out of water with five young children between them. Thrown together at a ghastly women’s lunch, they quickly discover a shared longing for mucky London streets and the residents’ parking permits they’ve left behind.

When tragedy hits and Maddy’s world collapses, they have to make money fast. A chance discovery leads this unlikely partnership to launch a natural cosmetics company from the kitchen table, with consequences beyond their wildest imaginings. Then the media spotlight turns on them, and Maddy and Izzie have to give up all they hold dear to embrace a lifestyle they hate. But just how far are they prepared to go?

My Thoughts:

This is the first book I have read by Annie Sanders, it is written by two friends called Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders. I found this book a great read especially as it had family problems that everyone can relate to, but it was also funny and emotional. I loved the two main characters Izzie and Maddy and liked how there friendship evolved. I will be looking out for more of these books.

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