Degrees Of Losing By Shan Purcell

Degrees Of Losing By Shan Purcell

What would life be like if you could recall every detail of your entire life? Casey has hyperthymesia, a rare condition which means that she has perfect recollection of her past, a burden which imprisons her in her memories. There is no joy in the present, no thought of the future; only the inescapable past playing constantly in her mind. Then one day she meets Joe, a man without a past. Or is he? Together they find a present, which has the potential to save them both but also forces them to confront a future that challenges their love of life and each other. Degrees of Losing is a story about love and loss, memory and time, and what it means to be somebody.

My Thoughts:

This book is an easy read, it is an unusual love story with some twists that you do not expect. I found all the characters interesting especially Casey. There is lots of emotions in this book and it made me think about life. Shan explores the relationship between identity and memory extremely well. I love the fact that the place where the story is set is Manchester and London, it always nice when you know the places.

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