The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams By Fiona Harper

The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams By Fiona Harper


Nicole, a born organiser and true romantic, has created her dream job when she sets up the Hopes & Dreams proposal agency – staging YouTube worthy proposals…until she’s hired to plan a proposal by gorgeous photographer Alex Black’s girlfriend.

Alex is the New Year’s kiss that Nicole hasn’t been able to forget – and now she’s planning his wedding to someone else! But if she lets herself fall for Alex’s charms, her reputation and business will be ruined before it’s even got off the ground! Suddenly the girl whose always prepared is at a loss…and falling head over heels.

My Thoughts:

I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of this book by Fiona for a honest review. I have enjoyed Fiona’s previous books, but I have to say this one was my favourite. The story evolves around Nicole who is a proposal planner. I thought it was a quirky idea for a storyline but it really does work. Nicole is a very thoughtful person but lacks confidence in herself. I did find myself giggling at parts of this story, which adds to it. The other character who I liked was Alex, who is a guy that works hard to get what he wants. He seems very handsome too as all the ladies love him. The cover almost seems magical which made me want to read it straight away, I read it in a few days as I wanted to saviour it. For those of you who love your chick-lit books, this is a definite must. So what are you waiting for? GO and buy it.

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