Make My Wish Come True By Fiona Harper

Make My Wish Come True By Fiona Harper

The Perfect Christmas swap?

All Juliet, frazzled single mum and Yuletide domestic goddess, wants for Christmas is a joyful family celebration (even if she does have to wrestle with last-minute angel costume making and mad shopping centre dashes).

All her single sister Gemma, an assistant director, wants is a Christmas in the sizzling Caribbean sun, away from diva actors and Hollywood tantrums.

Until a sisterly squabble prompts new plans: a Christmas swap.

Gemma will spend a cosy,snowy Christmas with her nieces and nephews – not to mention Juliet’s gorgeous neighbour Will – whilst Juliet takes Gemma’s tropical holiday and unplanned adventures.

It’s not the Christmas they expected, but it could be about to make all their wishes come true…..

My Thoughts:

Fiona Harper is such a brilliant author, she writes with such enthusiasm that I can never get enough of her books. This book is about two sisters who decided to swap holidays for Christmas, I know it isn’t Christmas just yet but decided to read it anyway and I am glad I did. The story is an enjoyable one that focuses on families, Fiona has a way of writing where you think about the people who are close to you and what matters the most.The cover of this book drew me towards it as it is really pretty.A heart warming story that you will love even if it isn’t Christmas.


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