Every Woman For Herself By Trisha Ashley

Every Woman For Herself By Trisha Ashley

First comes marriage. Then comes divorce. Then it’s every woman for herself….

When Charlie’s husband Matt tells her that he wants a divorce she has to start from scratch. Suddenly single, broke and approaching 40, she is forced to return to her childhood home on the Yorkshire moors.

Living with her father and eccentric siblings could be considered a challenge, but Charlie finds her new life somewhat refreshing. Now she’s single she can return to her first love – painting.

But just as she begins to feel settled, handsome, bad-tempered actor Mace North moves to the village and starts mixing things up for Charlie in more ways than one….

My Thoughts:

I have read all of Trisha Ashley’s book so far and really enjoyed them.This story is about finding love where you least expect it. Trisha Ashley is a brilliant author and this book was really funny. When I started it I wasn’t sure if it would hold my interest,  but after the first chapter I knew I would like it. The characters all interlinked with one another but had their own agenda.I would say not her best book but I enjoyed it.


One thought on “Every Woman For Herself By Trisha Ashley

  1. This sounds like a good novel. I like the premise of woman on the verge of 40 newly-single, and I also like that it’s set on Yorkshire Moors (one of my favorite places in the world!)


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