The Edge Of Sanity by Sheryl Browne

The Edge Of Sanity by Sheryl Browne


sheryl browne

How far would YOU go to protect your family?

A decent, ordinary man, a man who has already suffered the loss of one child. Daniel Connor is forced by extaordinary circumstances into being a hero. Tortured, forcible drugged – heroin still pulsating nauseatingly through his veins – his wife and daughter degraded. Daniel knows their kidnapper is beyond reasoning with.

But does being punished one step beyond endurance justify doing the unthinkable?

High on drugs, indebted to his supplier, and desperate, Charlie Roberts takes Daniel’s wife and daughter hostage. Daniel does everything within his power to rescue the situation bloodlessly. Eventually though, Daniel realises that with or without violent mood swings induced by amphetamine and cocaine, Charlie Roberts is a psychopath. He wants more than Daniel’s money.

He wants him.

My Thoughts:

I have never read any of Sheryl Browne’s books before as I normally just stick to the authors I know and love. But I must say this book was gripping. I managed to read it in two days and I just couldn’t put it down. This was a book that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck and puts you on the edge of your seat. Sheryl Browne seems to draw you into this book with its dramatic plot and you literally have no idea what is going to happen next. The characters were brilliant in this book, I felt like I knew them, Kayla even with everything going on is still that stroppy fifteen year old. Jo and Daniel are husband and wife who are going through some very real communication issues and of course Charlie well what can I say about him…. Well you will just have to read the book and make up your own minds….

A must read!

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