Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans

Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans

harriet evans


You can’t escape the ties that bind – the past catches up with you no matter how far you try to run….

This is the story of a girl who doesn’t believe in happy endings. Or happy families. It’s the story of Eleanor Bee, a shy book-loving girl who vows to turn herself into someone bright, shiny and confident, someone sophisticated. Someone who knows how life works.

But life has a funny way of catching us unawares. Turns out that Elle doesn’t know everything about love. Or life. Or how to keep the ones we love safe…

My Thoughts:

Harriet Evans is a fabulous writer, I did manage to finish the novel but found it a bit of a slog. This book is quite big, but it feels as though someone has taken chunks out of this book to avoid more pages, which is disappointing as it leaves you feeling like you have missed out on something. I liked the fact Harriet Evans wrote a book about books, this I found was intriguing as it’s quite rare for an author to do that. The main character Elle was a bit annoying at times as she tried to please everyone , but didn’t think things through logically. A nice enough read still want to read her latest book ‘Not without you’. This book certainly hasn’t put me off.

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