The New Family By Victoria Jenkins

The New Family By Victoria Jenkins

Brooke is delighted when Oliver decides to rent her old family home with his three-year-old son Finley. Finally someone to bring happiness to the rundown house across the street. They seem like the perfect tenants, but Brooke is a little unnerved when they move in with just a single bag between them. Where are their belongings?

When Brooke asks Oliver about his past, he quickly changes the subject. Her best friend tells her to leave it, after all Brooke has been through enough trauma in her life. But Brooke can’t shake off the feeling that something isn’t right. Why aren’t her new tenants’ names listed anywhere online?

Then Brooke arrives home to find orange flames dancing in the upstairs windows. As her whole life goes up in smoke, she is convinced it wasn’t an accident. And when she finds Finley drawing a picture of an angry burning house with terror in his eyes, her blood runs cold. What is Finley so frightened of? And why does Oliver snatch the drawing away the moment he sees it?

Brooke is convinced Finley is in serious danger, but given her past, she’s not sure anyone will believe her. Is Brooke ready to face up to her own demons to save the little boy? And when the truth is finally revealed, who is really the one in danger?

My Thoughts:

I loved the sound of this thriller, when new tenants move in Brooke is pleased that they may bring a bit of life back into the house that has got a bit rundown, but when things start happening that are suspicious Brooke does not know what to do, is it them that are doing these things? when she starts asking questions Oliver and Finlay start acting strange. What will the truth be? I found this a good thriller with lots of layers, once you start peeling them off you start to uncover secrets and stuff about the past you want left behind. I was shocked at the ending, as I didn’t and couldn’t believe it. A book I would recommend.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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2 thoughts on “The New Family By Victoria Jenkins

  1. Fab review! This sounds like a really good book, always love it when there are layers to peel off and get more and more shocking truths/surprises. Will keep my eye out for this one, hopefully my library gets it in English, and otherwise hopefully a Dutch translation comes soon.

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