Wow What a Year! This is my 100 blog post!!

Wow What a Year! This is my 100 blog post!!

I only started my blog in June and I can’t believe how it has grown. Obviously there needs to be a few minor tweaks in the New Year but I have to say all the comments I have had about it so far have been pretty good. I want to wish everyone that has helped me out and followed me on here a very happy New Year. As I said before my blog only started up in June as of my poor health wanted to take my mind of those things and put all my energy into reading and reviewing books. I have now read quite a few authors some that I know and love already and other authors who are just starting out. Thankfully I have read and reviewed some pretty amazing books this year so would like to Thank the authors out there that have made it happen. Look forward to the 2015 and all the books I hope to read then. This year has been fantastic for books here are a few of my favourite of this year:

Jenny Colgan – Little Beach street Bakery, The Christmas Surprise
Carole Matthews – A place to call home, The Christmas party
Rowan Coleman – The Memory Book
David Nicholls – Us
Louise Candlish – The disappearance of Emily Marr, The day you saved my life
Fiona Gibson – The great escape
Cecelia Ahern – The year I met you.

There are many more books I have loved this year but these are the ones that stand out for me and I will remember for a long time.

Also some a little bit of good news for me this year, I got ENGAGED!!! WE are both very happy and look forward to getting married at some point next year. Have a great New year!!

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